Why you need to invest in Customer Success in 2018?

How do you ensure that they stay loyal to you if they are the lifeblood of your business? It’s very obvious. Your customers are one of your company’s most significant assets. Everyone knows that. And, by the same logic, your customer success should be your biggest marketing and sales. So many companies do not have case studies to support their sales and marketing efforts.

What is customer success?

Customer success simply puts the function of a business to manage the relationship between the customers and the business. Customer success also makes sure that the customer is satisfied, to improve the lifetime value of a customer for the business. If you have a customer success department, it is their job to make sure the customer succeeds. This is why customer success departments shouldn’t just be where customer calls when they need help. Customer success is an emerging role in business that you must adopt in 2018. The function is common among the (SaaS) companies. The specifics of the service, it always refers to the customer relationship management after the initial sale.

This is why customer success deals with:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Helps reduce churn rate
  • User onboarding
  • Maintaining a knowledge base
  • Increasing ROI from upsells

Below are the top four reasons why you need to invest in Customer Success in 2018

  1. Helps Boosts acquisition

If you sell a product or offer service, customer success will help your business acquire help you educate visitors on all they need to know about what you offer — and as well persuade them to sign-up for your service. This can be done with by making use of knowledge base articles. The knowledge base articles can contain FAQs and other articles that help readers learn what they will gain and use the product or service for.

  1. Improves customer loyalty

Your satisfied customers are your most loyal customers, and in rare cases will they choose your competitors over you. So your business success teams (if you have one) should ensure that your user isn’t frustrated, by ensuring all customer queries get answered in real time. Also, your client should not be limited to making use of a support ticket only, options like live chat options, email, blog and Facebook comments to voice their questions.

  1. Humanize the brand

The fact that your company sells a product doesn’t mean you can’t put a face or humanize your brand’s name. Having a human face to the brand (a customer success team can do) is very important. The truth is that your customers on a long run will develop a human connection with your customer success team when there is strong interaction. This method will quickly humanize your brand and increases their loyalty.

  1. Helps with Customer Retention

Stronger customer retention is vital for the growth of any business. Even a small reduction in the customer attrition rate can have a positive impact on the profitability; however, the objective is to keep working on ways and means to bring the rate down to a more acceptable level. Your communication with your customers helps with retention and also reduces their grief’s. When customers rest assured that they will receive help when needed, they are less likely to be frustrated or leave you for your competitor.

So, do you see the reasons you need to invest in Customer Success in 2018?

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