How to Select the Right Drippers for your project?

Irrigation is one of the most practiced forms of farming across the globe especially for those doing large scale farming. If not handled well, it can use a lot of water. To save on water, the best type of irrigation is use of drip method. It ensures that your plants are watered around the clock while still using very little amount of water. Drip irrigation also needs to be done well and it is up to you to get the best drippers for your project.  There are many dripper choices in the market and there are various factors that you need to look into before settling for a given dripper. Below are some if the factors that you need to consider.

Choosing between pressure compensating  (PC drippers) Vs. the non-pressure compensating

The major difference between these two, just like the name suggests is that for pc drippers, you get the same amount of water to each plant irrespective of the changes that may be present in the system. On the other hand, the water amount in the non-compensating dripper is affected by the changes in pressure thus some of your plants may fail to get water.

A drop in pressure may be caused by the long runs of tubing above the gallon per a given hour’s capacity for that specific size of the tubing. If your system is designed for long runs, it would be recommendable to get the pc drippers.

Do you have hard water?

What is the source of your water? In the process of getting the water, does it collect debris and other particles? If your source of water has these particles, then it is recommended that you get a cleanable dripper. This should also be the case for the people who use hard water. Getting a dripper that is not cleanable will result to its clogging and you will be forced to replace the whole dripping system and it is a problem that you would have fixed if you had a cleanable dripper. A cleanable dripper makes it easy for the dripper head to be unscrewed, and any particles that could be blocking the smooth flow of water is removed.

How are the changes in slopes and elevations?

These changes usually affect the pressure in the system thus affecting the amount of water each plant gets. If you have a flat land, then you can use any kind of dripper. However if you have a sloppy land that may bring about changes in pressure, it is advisable to use the pc drippers.

Above are just some of the basic factors that you may consider. If you are unsure of the best dripper for you, it is important to seek advice from the supplier.

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