Herolocity Alternatives: Website365, Automate365 & Agency365

Established in 2013 with the aim of providing businesses with complete automation, Herolocity has grown popular in the market owing to its USP. The company is now a 23-member team operating from a number of countries worldwide and hiring employees globally.Herolocity brings to its clients complete business automation through a single platform consisting of three different products: Website365, Automate365 and Agency365.


The company’s products are all unique in their own way and provide a robust automation platform and it is for these reasons that finding alternatives to Website365, Automate365 and Agency365 may prove a little difficult. Why is that? Herolocity reviews imply that what truly makes the 365 platform distinctive from other options is its ability to facilitate the connection of business website applications with each other.

What this means is the user’s online booking application is connected to a cloud phone application, CRM, event booking application and virtually any other application to acquire maximum results.To serve its target audience, Herolocity mutually works with top-notch website design and marketing teams, and provide its customers specific features other businesses may not be able to:


The 365 Platform caters to a range of users, from business owners to website owners, and designers. For any business and business owner, Herolocity brings the Website365 product which is designed to transform the business’s daily operations, sales and marketing in a way that it creates an online presence that in turn brings core customers to the business. Since the entire online presence is in sync with the business, the website can be accessed from any location to handle daily business dealings.

Website365 vs. Traditional Website Designs

Unlike traditionally designed websites, Website365 takes a modern approach to website design and marketing. The current business model is taken and altered in a way best suited to your sales mechanism. The business is entirely automated to carry out daily tasks efficiently, including invoicing, hiring, and shopping.

Website365 condenses all these operations in their single platform, a cloud phone system to ensure you can save precious time, effort and costs. Furthermore, Website365 is open to customization and future changes by the customer, should the need arise. It is also a step ahead in optimizing the website content on search engines as compared to traditional websites, due to its core focus and advanced SEO techniques.


Automate365 comes with the aim of connecting the entire business mechanism with the company’s website and at the same time, allowing users to benefit from more than 100 web applications free of charge and change the course of daily business operations. The core focus is placed on getting work done in a way that maximizes the overall efficiency, minimizes total cost and increases revenue.


Automate365 vs. Other Business Applications

Automate365 brings users more than just the benefit of free applications to automate their seemingly complex daily operations.It also introduces to the business artificial intelligence that big corporations can use in a simple platform that requires less than a minute to set up.To begin with, Automate365 offers businesses a single 365 platform controlling all the 100+ website apps.

This prevents the business from juggling multiple application providers and eliminates the need to deal with different packages, prices and providers’ locations, all of which can prove fairly confusing and may hinder smooth business functioning. Because the database is consolidated in one place and consistent, users soon notice saved time, effort and costs since work is done more effectively.

Furthermore, it is easy to setup, involves automatic app updates and unlike many other business applications, allows its users to benefit from the platform’s apps at zero cost, helping them get to the market way faster in the absence of massive costs.



Agency365 is Herolocity’s final product designed to empower complete business automation and convert any website design into a comprehensive functional portal in less than half a minute under personalized branding for customers.

Agency365 vs. Manual Development

Unlike manual development, Agency365 gives quick results and helps transform any business within a time span ranging from 3 days to mere 30 seconds. Since 95% of business operations are taken care of by website applications, the need to hire and manage manual labor is almost eliminated, thus leading to curtailed overheads. In addition, a switch from physical labor to automation minimizes the risk of inaccuracy and human errors and again in turn results in less wastage and improved overall efficiency.

Curtailed business overheads and improved efficiency are definitive contributors to increased revenue and business profits. If you have a startup that needs further financing, you can economize about 6% of the most critical initial costs with Agency365 and get to the target market faster.

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