Amazing Benefits That the Cloud Computing Has Brought to the Table


The rapidly developing technology has brought about a lot of changes in our everyday lives. One of the specific developments in the past couple of years is cloud computing, which is gaining increased popularity, as millions of people and companies are relying on this new technology. Let’s dig into some details and see what kind of benefits cloud computing has brought to individuals and businesses around the globe.

Cool benefits for consumers


The development and use of this technology has changed the way people store and back up their private files. These are some of the ways in which consumers have found this software solution useful.

  • Free photo storage – People are nowadays using their smartphones to take an incredible amount of photos. The amount of available storage in phones is simply not enough for all the photos and cloud storage solutions have become very handy for backing them all up in the cloud. This lets people free up more space on their mobile phones for other things.
  • Sharing things with friends – Sharing is made significantly easier with the introduction of cloud computing. All it takes to share a picture with your best friends is just a few taps. They get the link that allows them to see photos, documents or any other type of files that you want to share with them.
  • Backing up – It is a great backup alternative, as keeping files in a safe place is something we all like to do. Cloud platforms are secure, which ensures that all data remains accessible only by you, and in case devices break down, there is always another place where all of the important things are stored.
  • Accessibility – Carrying a USB flash drive, CD or some other storage device was necessary if you wanted to have access to certain files at all times. Nowadays, all you have to do is upload these files to the cloud, and you can easily access any of them from any type of device you are using, be it a tablet, smartphone, laptop or a PC. You can stream anything from the cloud or download it to another location. This means that the data is actually always with you, as long as you have internet access.

Astonishing benefits for businesses


Consumers are finding this technology very useful, but the abundance of features has created a lot of business benefits.

  • No data center costs – In the past, businesses stored their data locally. This required a lot of space, as the hardware took it up. Additionally, all the equipment had to be handled by a team of professionals, which would ramp up the costs in the company. Equipment was not cheap as well, and purchasing all of the necessary equipment was quite an investment, no matter the size of the company. As everything is now located off-site, companies avoid the costs of IT staff, hardware costs, and maintenance or upgrade cost. Everything is included in the low monthly compensation, as numerous cloud companies are offering competitively low fees.
  • Cost flexibility – A good thing with cloud computing is that everything is measurable, which means that you know what you are paying for at every single moment. This makes it possible to lower your expenses during the period when you don’t need a lot of cloud computing storage or processing. This is very important, as businesses can save a lot of money over a longer period of time.
  • Everything is accessible at all times – The best online cloud storage services offer 99.99% uptime, all of the time. In reality, this means that the data is always available. Furthermore, all of it is accessible from any device that has a connection to the internet.
  • Increased productivity – This is especially important for both small and big companies around the world. Cloud computing offers the possibility of collaboration, which significantly improves the workflow within a company. Collaboration makes it possible for whole teams of people to simultaneously work on a certain project. On the other hand, collaboration is also important, as it makes it much easier to outsource projects to other companies which are located on the other side of the world. All of this greatly improves the workflow within the company, as employees can connect and work together from any location in the world, which significantly shortens the time needed for completing a certain project.
  • A safe backup solution – All company data is very important for the future of the company. Relying on a cloud storage solution is a safe way of keeping your data in a secure place. It is recommended, however, to keep the data backed up locally as well, as combining different backup methods is simply better than going with a single one.
  • Immense scalability – This is a very important feature, as every business grows over time. In the past, every expansion required investing in new and better equipment, whereas, when it comes to cloud storage, this is resolved by a slight increase in fees. What is more important, no matter how big a company grows, cloud computing solutions are big enough to follow their growth with ease.
  • Access to future updates – Cloud computing platforms are continually developing and improving their services. It is only a matter of time before new features are introduced. This is very important for the future of the company, as you are automatically following the latest cloud computing trends.

These are the major benefits that cloud computing has brought to consumers and businesses. However, there is a long road ahead, as some companies are working hard on creating virtual machines with which customers can perform demanding tasks for a small monthly subscription.

The goal is to reduce the cost that the customers have to pay for their hardware, without losing power in the process. The main investment that remains crucial for cloud solutions is a powerful and stable internet connection. So, in order to experience the maximum benefits that this system has to offer, it is crucial that you are using a good internet connection with high download and upload speeds.

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